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The Challenge


Reaching the right audience


Fragmented media landscape


Pressure on media spend


Cookie deprecation imminent

The Solution

Circana Audiences offers precision media activation at scale across households with the highest propensity to purchase.

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Circana Audiences combine granular purchase data with rich demographic data to predict consumer spend

How are Circana Audiences created?

Define the purchase-based household criteria for creating the audience.

Leverage 200+ household variables to identify defining characteristics of qualifying households.

Model predicted spend on target products based on relevant household level variables.

Circana Audiences can tell you that Household A spends 6x more than Household B in your category, or segment.

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Using sales data to find high propensity people

Panel Sales Data
13k HH's

Circana Audiences
500k -6M individuals


The biggest determining factor of someone buying a product is if they have already bought that product.

Targeting known buyers is expensive, and limits growth opportunities.


Targeting audiences that are most likely to buy a specific brand based on past behaviours can help marketers identify the highest sales opportunities, increase brand penetration and reduce wasted ad spend.

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