The Food Summit Virtual Event 

Thursday, June 15 | 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. CT

Sessions available on demand through June 30

The food and foodservice industries, and their loyal consumers, are moving forward. It’s time to discover new behaviors, identify opportunities, and transform everyday thinking. The complimentary, virtual event focuses on discovery and transformation — understanding the Complete Consumer™ to inspire action and unlock growth.



2023 On-demand Sessions

Discover and Transform – Opening Thoughts

Speaker: David Portalatin, SVP, Industry Advisor for Food and Foodservice, Circana

Complete Wallet

Speakers: Patty Altman, EVP, Consumer Shopper Insights, Circana, and Stephanie Epperson, Vice President, Consumer & Shopper Insights, Circana

Complete Wallet™ is the industry’s first single-source and fully connected CPG, general merchandise, and foodservice receipt panel. It provides a complete understanding of all consumer purchases, encompassing everywhere they shop and everything they buy. Patty will show how this will help you transform your business using real examples of actionable insights.

Innovation Transforming Beer, Wine, and Spirits

Speaker: Boris Oglesby, EVP and Practice Head, BWS, Circana

The beer, wine, and spirits industry has experienced substantial change over the past few years. In this session, Boris will highlight the role innovation has played across various segments. By paying attention to the key trends changing the industry, you can transform your business and set the pace as one of the industry’s innovation winners.

Global Foodservice Perspective

Speaker: Bob O’Brien, Consultant, Global Foodservice, Circana

Since 2020, structural changes to the global foodservice industry exceed anything we saw in prior decades. From pandemic-related restrictions, to supply chain disruptions, subsequent inflation, an energy crisis, and an ever-looming recession, consumers have been under pressure. Learn how to transform your global business to address the many consumer responses in this environment.

Transforming a Classic

Speaker: Kevin Hochman, CEO, Brinker International, Inc.

Learn how a leading casual dining player used data and insights to rethink a classic menu item to improve customer experience, team experience, and ultimately drive better results.

Consumer and Food Industry Transformation

Speakers: Shawn O’Grady, President of Foodservice, General Mills, and David Portalatin, SVP, Industry Advisor for Food and Foodservice, Circana

The past three years have presented significant challenges for retail and foodservice. But we’ve also seen resilience in consumer spending, advancement in technology and systems, and signs of industry transformation. Shawn and David will discuss consumer and industry transformation and share discoveries and opportunities that will shape the future of food and beverage.

Transforming Routines

Speaker: Jinny Kanthak, Director, Client Development, Food and Beverage, Circana

The pandemic drastically altered consumers’ routines, changing what they consumed, when they ate, and how they sourced and prepared meals and snacks. As the world slowly returns to pre-pandemic lifestyles, routines still aren’t quite back to where we left them. Jinny will uncover how consumers are transforming their morning and snacking routines and highlight the top opportunities to capitalize on for growth in and outside the home.

Complete Your Foodservice Plan for the Future

Speaker: Holly Jones, Executive Director, Client Development, Foodservice, Circana

The foodservice industry and its consumers have transformed over the past three years. In this session, discover how consumers will evolve and shape the foodservice industry, what behaviors and trends will stick, and where we see opportunities in 2023 and beyond.

Retail Brand Performance

Speaker: Ann Hanson, Executive Director, Product Management, Circana

Leverage integrated insights that will soon be available through Circana’s upcoming Complete Food & Beverage™ Brand Performance capability. In this session, Ann will link consumer usage behaviors from National Eating Trends® with point-of-sale metrics to identify opportunities for retail brands to expand into new occasions — and to size the value of these opportunities in dollars.

Improve Guest Experiences and Profitability with AI and Technology

Speakers: Diego Panama, Chief Revenue Officer, Olo, interviewed by Tim Fires, President, Foodservice, Circana

Technology and AI improve the guest experience for restaurants, grocers, and convenience store retailers in many ways. Kroger’s use of Olo to deliver sushi and floral is just one example. Learn how foodservice and retail operators can use technology to deliver personalization, accuracy, and innovation more efficiently to create experiences that build loyalty and profits.

How C-stores Are Transforming the Concept of Convenience

Speakers: Scott Love, SVP, Retail Client Solutions, Circana, and David Portalatin, SVP, Industry Advisor for Food and Foodservice, Circana, interviewed by Kristen Wyatt, Director, Foodservice, Circana

Learn how convenience store retailers are transforming the concept of convenience with a focus on the consumer experience. From new assortments to innovative menus, c-stores are using culinary innovation and technology to deliver taste, excitement, and even more convenience than before.

Pricing in Foodservice

Speaker: Anna Stephens, Manager, Consumer and Shopper Insights, Circana

Over the past year, many foodservice operators have passed steep price increases to their customers to help offset rising costs. Learn about Menu Price Track, Circana’s solution for menu item pricing, and preview a case study on Chipotle price increases and their impact on consumer behavior.

Population Shifts and Their Impact on Foodservice Local Expansion

Speaker: Tanisha Haynes, Executive Director, SupplyTrack®, Circana

Population growth and shifts have a significant impact on the restaurant industry. These changes can influence the way restaurants operate, the types of food they serve, and even their physical locations. Join this session to learn how Circana foodservice products can help you understand and effectively respond to these essential population trends.

Driving Future Fresh Foods Demand

Speakers: Jonna Parker, Principal, Fresh Foods, Circana, and Darren Seifer, Food and Beverage Industry Analyst, Circana

From the pandemic to inflation, this decade has driven retail food and beverage sales to all-time highs. Capitalizing on key trends, thinking holistically about total food and beverage, and emphasizing fresh foods will be essential for future growth. This session will provide actionable insights, ideas, and recommendations to drive growth for suppliers and retailers playing in the perimeter and beyond.

Innovation Across the Food System

Speakers:The 3Squares: Charlie Arnot, CEO, Center for Food Integrity; Kevin Ryan, CEO, Malachite Strategy; Susan Schwallie, President, Food and Beverage, Circana

The food and foodservice industries share several challenges, including inflation, labor shortages, and supply chain issues. But each industry has its own unique issues. The 3Squares will discuss these differences, and areas of transformation that affect the future of the American food supply. From gene editing and agricultural innovation, to CPG innovation, to the evolving restaurant and retail landscape, the 3Squares highlight future opportunities for manufacturers and operators alike.

3Squares is a bi-monthly podcast that fuses in-depth food industry analysis and discussion with humor and insight.

Sessions available on demand through June 30

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