Market Dynamics in Gaming

Your view of the U.S. video game industry, down to the category level

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The U.S. Games Market Dynamics service is your single source for quarterly tracking of consumer spending for gaming hardware, software, and accessories. By integrating point-of-sale data and consumer information, the service provides analysis of physical and digital delivery, hardware sales, accessories by type and platform, and gaming content.

Why U.S. Games Market Dynamics?

  • Evaluate the size and dynamics of new market opportunities to inform your strategic planning decisions
  • Gain insight into gamers, and how many consumers identify as gamers, to accurately target your marketing material
  • Understand how digital gaming has changed the business landscape to support your product development decisions
  • Assess new and upcoming monetization methods to guide your product and pricing strategy and maximize returns

What Data Can You Access?

  • Revenue sizing and trends for new and used physical software, full game downloads and add-on content, mobile apps, rentals, social network gaming spend, subscriptions, hardware, and accessories
  • Gaming incidence
  • Hardware usage
  • Consumer demographics

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