The Circana Retail Gateway

The path to double-digit growth and enhanced supplier collaboration


It’s the industry’s only holistic solution proven to improve collaboration and business decision making between the world’s leading retailers and their suppliers. That’s why we’re the trusted partner to top global retailers across more than 20 industries — and why we’ve maintained a 100% retailer retention rate on our retail gateway solutions over the last 18 years. Implementation of a Circana retail gateway will let you:

Accelerate decision making

Increase your speed to insights with our unmatched technology, which embeds data-driven decision making into your internal processes.

Facilitate supplier collaboration

Empower your suppliers to co-create and help you drive retail growth, building upon best practices proven through our successful implementation of more than 50 gateways for other leading retailers.

Generate incremental revenue

Establish industry-leading commercial capabilities to join the other retailers that have consistently achieved double-digit growth within three years of implementing a Circana retail gateway.


In addition to integrating data and analytics into a single, end-to-end solution, the Circana gateway solution advances operations and supplier collaboration in several key areas. These include:

Market measurement and sales data

The gateway delivers preferred or exclusive access to market and retailer point-of-sale data covering over $3 trillion in sales across more than 500,000 stores and e-commerce. And it can all be seamlessly integrated with your first-party data on our industry-leading Liquid Data® platform.

Loyalty and shopper activation

Build stronger relationships with retailers’ best customers using learnings from the 30-plus loyalty and shopper activation programs we have implemented for other global retailers.

Supply chain optimization

Increase visibility into the last mile of your supply chain to get ahead of inventory issues before they start — and recover the 5% to 8% of sales typically lost to out-of-stocks.

Retail media

Create better audiences, connect existing media infrastructure, and measure your results to boost your return on ad spend by three to five times. Leverage our deep partnerships with Epsilon, Experian, Live Ramp, and others.

Advanced analytics

Take advantage of pricing, trade promotion, and assortment optimization applications that deliver 2% sales growth with enhanced, actionable insights.