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Streaming TV Services Engagement and Future Intentions

Understand which TV services viewers are switching to, why, and how it differs among your customers

As U.S. consumers continue to cut the cord and streaming video on demand (SVOD) proliferates, it’s essential to stay on top of rapidly changing consumer behavior. The TV Switching Study tracks changes in how consumers watch video, the video services they switch to and from, devices used to watch, how they prefer to sign up, and why. Explore the latest SVOD trends with an in-depth view of TV services and transactional video usage. Pinpoint the reasons consumers’ habits are changing to drive growth and uncover opportunities.

What can you access in the TV Switching Study?

  • Current subscriptions, free streaming, and transactional video rates
  • Intention to add or cancel subscription, or start using in the next six months
  • How consumers prefer to sign up and search, and their discovery habits
  • Daily and weekly engagement levels by service
  • Reasons for subscribing or canceling, and level of engagement
  • Subscriber demographics and segmentation across 300+ consumer groups
  • Devices used

TV Services Covered in the Study

Pay TV (MVPDs and virtual MVPDs) | Premium cable networks | SVOD and AVOD | Fast (Free Ad-supported Streaming Television) | EST, iVOD, cVOD | DVD and BD buying/renting

Drive Strategy with our TV Switching Study

Learn about the in-depth view of services and transitional video usage and how you can pinpoint the reasons consumers’ habits change.

Here's what we see
"Following a peak reached in late 2020, declines in viewership persisted over the past 6 months, driven by viewers citing they are not watching as much as before.”

Interestingly, the decline is coming from the most avid streaming users, viewers aged 18 – 34, which suggests we are reaching a stabilization point in the number of services and amount of time viewers engage. However, that does not mean switching has ended. Increased competition will challenge growth for certain services while those with an extensive array of exclusive programming are well positioned to win.

John Buffone
Executive Director, Industry Analyst
The NPD Group

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