Today’s audience is everywhere – in every room, on every device, on every platform.

Whether streaming or downloading, buying or renting, on the go or on the couch, big screen or phone screen, consumers can watch entertainment anywhere, anytime. With such fragmented viewing behavior, it can be difficult to truly understand audience behavior.

That’s where we come in. We’ve tracked media entertainment behavior for more than 10 years, leading to unmatched insight on your target audiences. We offer deep data, industry expertise, and analytic solutions for studios, content distributors, streaming services, retailers, financial analysts, and others in the entertainment industry. We can help you stay on top of shifting tastes and trends.

Deep Industry Expertise

John Buffone

Vice President, Industry Advisor Media Entertainment

“We’re living in the golden age of TV & video where there are more programming and viewing options than ever before. This level of competition for viewers’ attention makes it critically important to know which services and content are best equip to maximize user engagement.”