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Ep. 142

Strengthening Retailer Differentiation

As middle-of-the road grocery retail continues to get squeezed, reaching consumers before they make decisions becomes critical. In this Fresh Pulse episode, Jonna Parker, team lead, Circana’s Fresh Foods Group, and Anne-Marie Roerink, president of 210 Analytics, share strategies retailers can use to highlight their points of differentiation, starting with elevating outside-the-store marketing. 

Ep. 141

Small Appliances Reflect Our Need for Speed 

Despite a forecast sales decline of 4% to 5% through 2024, small appliance sales remain elevated from pre-pandemic levels. To buck the negative trend, marketers should focus equally on messaging and innovation. Joe Derochowski, Circana’s vice president and industry advisor, home and home improvement, shares his secret sauce for picking holiday winners and identifying growth opportunities throughout the year. 

Ep. 140

Consumer Tech Industry Pulse and Outlook 

The economy and product replenishment cycles are negatively impacting the consumer technology industry. Paul Gagnon, Circana’s consumer technology industry advisor, shares his outlook for the upcoming holiday season and how he hopes the industry prepares for the return of consumer spending. 

Ep. 139

Talking Turkey and the Reality of a Challenging Economy

What can CPG retailers and manufacturers expect this Thanksgiving? Anne-Marie Roerink, president of 210 Analytics talks turkey — and economic pressures — with Circana’s Joan Driggs. Times are tough, and while it’s critical to be realistic about a challenging economy, it’s also an opportunity to connect with shoppers. 

Ep. 138

Causal and Consumer Factors Fuel Demand Forecasting 

To achieve growth, companies strive to predict what consumers are likely to do both now and in the future. According to Lance Goodridge, Circana’s executive vice president of analytics and insights, optimal forecasting will fit with current performance, include appropriate and predictable causal factors, and be within the bounds of company objectives. No small feat. 

Ep. 137

Frozen Foods Accelerate the Speed to Table

The unique value proposition of frozen foods is not getting the attention it deserves. Based on her webinar, Icy Hot Insights: Frozen Trends, Sally Lyons Wyatt, executive vice president and Practice Leader, Circana, outlines the many definitions of value that frozen addresses.

Ep. 136

How Digital is Defining Grocery’s Long Game

Digital retail apps are changing the way consumers plan their shopping. In this Fresh Pulse episode, Jonna Parker, team lead, Circana’s Fresh Foods Group highlights consumer purchasing behavior in the meat department. Uncover why promotions aren’t seeing expected lifts, purchases are designed for minimal waste, and it’s often social platforms and retail apps that are guiding shoppers.

Ep. 135

Busting the Myth that We’re Consuming Less

As inflation continues to press consumers, volume sales are down across food and beverage. Amid economic headwinds and a return to pre-pandemic activity levels, consumer behaviors are changing, but we are not consuming less. Circana thought leaders David Portalatin and Alastair Steel explain how shifting behaviors are illustrating new patterns in consumption across retail and foodservice.

Ep. 134

A Sneak Peek into “Inside America’s Kitchen”

Circana’s new report, “Inside America’s Kitchens,” provides an extensive audit of what’s in our pantries and refrigerators, while also inventorying appliances, cookware, and utensils. It reveals that we’re stocking far fewer food items than in 2020, while also making good use of tools in our meal prep. Darren Seifer, Circana food and beverage industry analyst, …

Ep. 133

Redefining Discovery for Cash-strapped Consumers

Consumer tech purchases for school, work, and entertainment were high during the pandemic. Tech items also have a long lifecycle, with replacements occurring on average every four years. The net result is a sluggish consumer tech industry in 2023. Circana’s Mike Crosby, executive director, industry advisor for commercial and consumer technology, and Paul Gagnon, vice …

Ep. 132

What Books Tell Us About the New Normal

Kristen McLean, executive director, industry analyst, Circana Books & Entertainment, describes books as “ideas wrapped up for sale.” When we study the books people buy, we learn about their thoughts and their shifting attitudes over time. This understanding helps us better meet changing consumer preferences. Highlights:

Ep. 131

The Value of the Plus-one Purchase

Easing inflation is making headlines, but consumers remain challenged by high prices. In this Fresh Pulse episode, Jonna Parker, principal of Circana’s Fresh Center of Excellence, and Anne-Marie Roerink, president of 210 Analytics, discuss consumer behavior, macroeconomic challenges, and why plus-one purchases are undervalued. Highlights: