Some 93% of Gen Z and younger millennials are changing their behavior based on higher prices, a much higher percentage than previous generations. Stepping back for a wider view, Jonna Parker, team lead, Circana’s Fresh Foods Group, believes these younger consumers have been impacted by more trauma, from terrorism and a recession to pandemic and current inflation. Given the world they’ve grown up in, they aren’t going to become like their older counterparts. Parker and Anne-Marie Roerink, president of 210 Analytics, dive into generational differences and how retailers and brands can connect.


  • 2024 is an inflection point where generational differences in eating, cooking, and shopping will need to be balanced.
  • Retailers and brands need to recognize that older consumers still shop the separate store departments (such as butcher, dairy, and produce) while younger consumers rely more on cross-merchandising that brings different departments together for easy solutions.
  • Even as butcher service counters are closing, store butchers have social currency, providing service via recommendations and tips on social media platforms.