Offering the most comprehensive sales tracking information about physical and digital book sales in the U.S.

Circana Bookscan™ is the gold standard in point-of-sale tracking for the publishing market, covering approximately 85% of trade print books sold in the U.S., through direct reporting from all major retailers, independent bookstores, and many others.

Circana PubTrack Digital™ is the only resource offering a comprehensive view of today’s digital book market. Featuring information from more than 450 participants, including small, medium, and large U.S. publishers, it provides unprecedented access to the top 80% of the traditionally published e-book market, as well as the newly introduced PubTrack Audio dataset, the first of its kind.

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Deep Industry Expertise

Kristen McLean

Executive Director, Industry Analyst Books and Entertainment

“The U.S. book market is the largest in the world, and Circana is the global leader in publishing insights, tracking more than 700M units, and $14B in market value every year. Circana books data is used beyond publishing to track the psychology of the consumer in everything from food intentions to brand licensing, trends in wellness and more. The U.S. book market had the best year on record in 2021 and remains a vital part of the overall Entertainment ecosystem.”

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