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Liquid Data Go™ is your fast, hassle-free access to market, retailer and consumer insights.
Developed for smaller CPG businesses. Packages start at $834 per month

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“Having complete data eliminates opinion and speculation. We get real information for real results. 
We highly recommend you utilize Liquid Data Go…

It’s made a big difference in our company and we think it could do the same for yours.”

Frank Muchel,
CEO Partner Foods Group

Liquid Data Go provides emerging and mid-market brands with 15% more market measurement coverage than our nearest competitor for a complete picture of sales and share tracking.

Your subscription to Liquid Data Go unlocks access to on-demand and unlimited reporting stories, no matter how many times you need to check a month.

With intuitive reporting, visualizations, and access to key insights, Liquid Data Go is fully integrated and natively built on Circana’s industry-leading business intelligence and visualization solution, Unify+.

Understanding how key sales, distribution, pricing, promotion, and consumer measures are impacting your business across channels and retailers has never been faster.

Simple and cost-effective set of packages that access Circana’s best in-class data assets that grows as your needs grow.

Setup your team for success with data-driven decisions and an insights platform designed to meet your growth objectives.

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“Smaller-size CPGs continue to
disrupt the market.”

Which manufacturers are winning in CPG and why? Watch this webinar to hear business leaders from top-performing CPGs as part of our annual CPG Growth Leaders study. Leaders from top-ranked companies join our Thought Leadership team to share their perspectives on how to drive winning sales and share growth in U.S. omnichannel retail.

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Blog | Retail By James Carlson, Mid-Market Consultant and Team Leader, Circana

Blog | Retail By James Carlson, Mid-Market Consultant and Team Leader, Circana