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Big ambitions don’t always mean big budgets.

Kick start 2024 with

Liquid Data Go from Circana

You don’t need the budget of the greatest brands to start operating like one. Liquid Data Go™ is the affordable new data, reporting and insight platform that can help you discover and unlock incredible growth potential with ease. It’s built exclusively for small to midsize CPG businesses with big ambitions.

Now you can join 7,000 of the world’s leading CPG and Retail brands who already work with Circana to turn complexity into clarity. What better way to get 2024 off to a flyer?

Your first step to higher growth is one click away. Take advantage of a free, no-obligation demo and see the magic in action – 100% tailored to your brand and categories. We won’t tell your competitors if you don’t.

See what makes Liquid Data Go different


Track sales data, market share, distribution trends, and more, underpinned by Circana’s class-leading Liquid Data platform.


Bring data to life with powerful visualization and storytelling. Speak the language of retailers to drive collaboration and partnership like never before.


Choose a pricing and access package to suit your needs and budget. Pick the categories, geographies, and options that are right for your business, with multiple users.


Simple to set up, quick and easy to use. Liquid Data Go is both intuitive and incisive.


It’s from Circana, the leading advisor on the complexity of consumer behavior and the chosen partner for more than 7,000 of the world’s top brands and retailers.

Text image listing key questions for analyzing sales performance: 1. What consumer drivers affect your sales performance? 2. How do online sales perform versus multi-outlet and convenience? 3. How do retailers rank and compare for your product? 4. How do you perform across markets and geographies?

Liquid Data Go answers questions like

“Our success leans heavily on the insights and tools Circana provides. We are the David among the giants in our categories. Circana helps us compete day in and day out within established segments and channels as well as in new white space opportunities we’ve discovered. HRB Brands is on a significant growth trajectory with our retailers. Consumer and economic trends are in our favor, and with Circana’s help we expect to reach our goals faster than was possible before.”

Jim Daniels
Executive Officer, HRB Brands

Liquid Data Go is brought to you by Circana, the leading advisor on the complexity of consumer behavior. Here’s some additional content on our company, our Liquid Data platform, and why Liquid Data Go could be the secret ingredient to unlocking your growth potential.

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Our industry experts are strategic partners who truly understand your business, allowing us to push beyond insights into ideas that spark new thinking and lead to better outcomes.

Inspire Action

Our Liquid Data® technology includes cross-industry data and advanced analytics in one place, providing clarity for your business so you can see all the angles and find new connections.