What manufacturers are winning in CPG and why? This two-part webinar series reviews top-performing CPG manufacturers as part of our annual CPG Growth Leaders study. Leaders from top-ranked companies join our Thought Leadership team to share their perspectives on how to drive winning sales and share growth in U.S. omnichannel retail.

The second webinar, featuring growth leaders from Idahoan Foods and Beatbox Beverages, focuses on new and established smaller-size companies and what they did to capture consumers’ wallets. This session answers questions like:

  • What manufacturers are winning in today’s CPG environment?
  • How do these companies view the market and what are their drivers of success?
  • What capabilities are leading CPGs prioritizing moving forward?

Panelist perspectives shared here are for information only and not to be used, quoted, or reported on in any public venue without prior written consent.


  • Sally Lyons Wyatt, Global EVP & Chief Advisor, Consumer Goods & Foodservice Insights, Circana
  • Cara Loeys, Principal, US CPG Corporate Thought Leadership, Circana
  • Ryan Ellis, VP Retail Marketing & Business Development, Idahoan Food
  • Justin Fenchel, Co-Founder/CEO, BeatBox Beverages