Innovation is critical but challenging, with an 80% failure rate. Circana’s solutions improve the odds by addressing business needs across the entire product lifecycle.

Explore the competitive landscape and new product ideas. Use consumer feedback and in-market response to refine and prioritize your opportunities. Develop an optimized launch plan and selling support. Manage ongoing growth opportunities for your product portfolio.

Enhancing Product Growth with Circana: National Pork Board Case Study

Discover how the National Pork Board unlocked growth for an underutilized product using Circana’s comprehensive analytics and market insights. Learn about their journey from market analysis to in-store testing and how they effectively identified consumer preferences, optimized shelf placement, and increased sales opportunities.

Why Circana

We have the industry’s only predictive market structure based on actual shopper behavior and automated incremental growth opportunities to validate new product forecasts within 10% accuracy.

We help you reduce innovation costs by identifying the winning ideas you can advance in the market more quickly and easily.

Our insights are powered by Hendry™, the most powerful structural and simulation model based on actual purchase behavior, omnichannel coverage, and granular data.