Unlock the Power of Complete Consumer™

Circana’s Complete Consumer™ is the most comprehensive, 360-degree understanding of the consumer, covering nearly every product they purchase across every channel, strengthening your consumer relationships and their brand loyalty.

Your Pathway to Omnichannel Success

Comprehensive Coverage

  • Cover all consumer use cases with 10X greater coverage than single-source panels.
  • Access a directory of 31 million items with over 5,100 attributes and 1.1 million+ values tailored to your needs.

Unparalleled Accuracy

  • See with greater precision through point-of-sale (POS) calibration with over 2,100 retail partners across 100,000+ stores, including QSRs and casual dining operators, where your products are sold.

Efficiency and Integration

  • Tell efficient and integrated stories by aligning all consumer and market measurement data within Liquid Data®, making it easier for you to make informed decisions.
  • Visualize your insights effortlessly through Unify+™, allowing you to navigate across data sets seamlessly.

Why Complete Consumer™ for you?

Circana’s Complete Consumer™ is the most comprehensive, accurate, and integrated consumer panel explicitly tailored for you.


Covering over 20 industries across CPG, General Merchandise, and Foodservice, we are the only omnivertical panel you will ever need to understand consumer behavior across your broad product portfolio.


Our platform boasts the most accurate omnichannel panel of consumer and buyer behavior in the industry, helping you make strategic decisions about your products across various channels.


Our insights are calibrated to market truth, using POS data to provide you with the most reliable information available for your specific product categories.

Discover the Latest Consumer Insights

Explore Circana’s holistic view of the Complete Consumer™. Integrating diverse data from omnichannel receipts, POS scans, loyalty panels, and tailored surveys, we provide insights that matter.

About Circana’s Complete Consumer
Circana’s Complete Consumer brings unparalleled clarity to the intricacies of omnichannel dynamics. Our platform offers critical insights into consumer behaviors, product preferences, and shopping patterns, integrating data from a multitude of sources. Experience the only comprehensive solution for deciphering the complex web of consumer purchase and usage behavior.