Data Quality and Data Diversity Matter Most

Single-source panels tell only one piece of a consumer’s story. To track and grow buyer performance, you need different types of consumer data – all of it, in every way a consumer purchases. 

Complete Consumer™ captures data points that connect who your buyers are, what they’re purchasing, where they’re purchasing, and their buying motivations and intent. Whether consumers are ringing up receipts, making purchases scanned at the item level, using a loyalty card, or completing a survey at the point of purchase, Complete Consumer gives teams the most complete view of consumer behavior by integrating data from the largest panels in market research.

Your Pathway to Omnichannel Success

For the Right Answers

With more data breadth and depth than any single-source panel provider can offer, Complete Consumer leverages AI that serves you the best answer for your business questions and validates your hypotheses.

Across Millions of Items

Circana applies rigorous classification criteria to Complete Consumer panel data, using a proprietary directory with over 225 million items and more than 1 million richly coded attribute values tailored to meet your analysis needs with the right level of detail.

Based on POS Truth

Circana calibrates point-of-sale (POS) data with over 2,100 retail partners across more than 100,000 stores, accounting for CPG, GM, and foodservice, to reflect market reality and maintain accuracy in reporting consumer drivers of industry trends.

Put Complete Consumer Into Practice

Integrating panel data into a data practice can feel like a heavy lift, but when partnering with Circana, we’re there to help you every step of the way.


Trusting Complete Consumer panel data is easy. Circana has been building and integrating the largest consumer panels in the U.S. for over 60 years. We set the market research standard for unbiased panel data collection processes by applying rigid methodology rules around panelist incentivization. This ensures a higher degree of accuracy than any other panel data provider can offer.


Maximizing Complete Consumer impact is painless. When brands invest in Complete Consumer, they partner with panel subject matter experts to help them with everything from developing survey questions to integrating receipt data insights alongside POS learnings.


Accessing Complete Consumer panel data is simple. Circana’s data visualization platform, Unify+™, houses every data source Circana offers, including panel. By synthesizing different panel languages into single custom reporting views, teams can effortlessly turn analytical reporting into actionable insights with speed and efficiency.