Complete Measurement & Optimization

Circana’s Complete Measurement & Optimization is a unified decision-making system that blends strategic and tactical measurement. We use the most granular purchase data to deliver accurate prescriptive marketing measurement insights within our in-flight measurement, lift, multi touch attribution, and marketing mix solutions.

Unlock the Power of Complete Measurement & Optimization

We believe in a unified marketing measurement approach to help marketers achieve three critical measurement objectives: maximize marketing mix allocations, optimize touchpoints that drive conversions, and optimize campaign elements in-flight. Our solutions are proven to deliver up to 9x ROI when marketers use Complete Audiences and Complete Measurement & Optimization together.

Why choose Circana’s Complete Measurement & Optimization?

Accurate, scaled, and exclusive purchase data

  • 4x the loyalty card dollar sales coverage versus competitors
  • 2x loyalty cards per households versus competitors
  • Exclusive and scaled access to hundreds of millions loyalty cards only accessible through Circana

Granular data leads to actionable insights for improving audiences and measurement

  • These insights help brands increase up to 9x ROI when using Circana measurement and audiences

Faster turnaround time enables quicker optimization that improves campaign results

  • Measurement solutions provide near real-time and on-demand tracking for faster results than native solutions

Why Complete Measurement?

The most effective marketers use a combination of measurement tools to analyze, optimize, and maximize marketing activities. We think of these tools as members of an orchestra; each has a unique role and can stand alone, but when used together, they create a harmonious sound. Using these four solutions together, marketers get a complete view of their marketing measurement. 

In-flight supports campaign optimization to identify high-performing campaign tactics while there is still time to optimize and reallocate media dollars​.

Lift provides the most granular insights for campaign performance tracking to help marketers understand the impact various campaign elements are having on the consumer​.

 Multi-Touch Attribution is a data-driven model that provides continuous, household-level media analysis to reveal the buyer touchpoints that drive ROI.

Marketing Mix modeling uses store-level sales data with the combination of channels (including retail media and CTV performance marketing), creative, and audience targeting to determine what is most impactful to ROI or other marketing metrics.