A world without cookies makes a fragmented media ecosystem even more complex. To truly optimize your media spend, you need clarity on who your consumers and how they engage with your brand, everywhere they purchase.

Improve your media campaign with Circana’s opted-in, exclusive, and granular purchase data. We have 100% purchase-based audiences and measure everything, everywhere. It leads to accurate, actionable insights and faster turnaround times for maximum ROI.

Circana’s Strategic Role in 7-Eleven’s Galt Media Network Expansion

Explore how Circana’s expertise enhances 7-Eleven’s Galt Media Network through advanced lift measurement and audience builder capabilities. Learn about the synergy in data analytics, insights, and campaign efficacy that drives impactful media strategies for immediate consumption manufacturers.

Why Circana

Companies that use our audience data achieve up to 6x greater ROI than by using other audiences.

With our insights, you’ll see up to 9x the ROI on your media spend compared to the competition.

Our 38 retail partnerships provide comprehensive data including sole access to 210 million loyalty cards.