Unprecedented demand and supply challenges continue to add complexity to an already complicated supply chain. Optimize planning and execution throughout the product lifecycle with our comprehensive approach to inventory management.

We ingest, cleanse, harmonize, and consolidate yesterday’s disparate data and make it available within hours of receipt. Our globally tested solutions and value-driven processes help you prevent out-of-stocks before they occur, minimize overstocks and markdowns, and optimize store operations labor. By focusing on the final leg of the supply chain, we inform near real-time decisions to minimize risks and mitigate disruptions to your business.

Why Circana

We ingest disparate data, blend and harmonize it in a clean environment, and compute new metrics using proprietary algorithms for hundreds of global retailers and manufacturers.

We address near real-time needs, including on-shelf availability, forecasting and replenishment, service-level tracking, inventory management, new product distributions, phantom inventory detection, and more.

Our solutions generate hidden business value as they monitor return, maximize impact, and understand the value of actions taken. Our workflows optimize, standardize, and automate business processes.