No one knows more about how people eat and drink than Circana™. For decades, we’ve been the definitive source of omnichannel information on food and beverage consumption, both in home and away.

Center Store and Frozen Foods

Consumer buying behavior in the center store and frozen foods is more complex than ever. CPG manufacturers and retailers need the latest insights to win now and in the future. Circana can help you make confident decisions with the most accurate insights available.

Perimeter Store and Fresh Foods

Circana has the most comprehensive view of the perimeter store and fresh foods, so you can quickly understand growth opportunities, navigate trends and shopper behavior, and meet changing consumer expectations.

Deep Industry Expertise

Sally Lyons Wyatt

Global EVP & Chief Advisor
Consumer Goods & Foodservice Insights

“Convenience has been critical to the CPG food and beverage industry since the beginning of time, but as it continues to evolve, consumers want speed to table with uncompromising quality. True innovation speaks to the consumer’s definition of value, which increasingly is the one-two punch of time and experience.”
-Sally Lyons Wyatt

David Portalatin

Senior Vice President and Industry Advisor Food and Foodservice

“Today, consumers remain more home centric in their food and beverage behaviors. But a return to the workplace and experiential out-of-home behaviors is leading to culinary exploration outside the home. Look for consumers to seek ways to create those experiences in their own kitchen with convenient, easy-to-prepare solutions from grocery aisles.”
-David Portalatin

The future is now!

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