Industry: Food Consumption

An advertising campaign going beyond awareness to measure the impact of two references on McCain’s in-store sales

In the digital age, where attention is divided among countless advertisements, gaining significant visibility for a product is just the beginning. What happens after awareness has been generated? How does interest translate into purchasing action?

These are the questions that Vidoomy, Havas, and Circana addressed in their recent project for McCain, supporting two references: McCain Nacho Cheese Triangles and Crispy Onion Rings. Together, they devised an advertising strategy not only aimed at generating awareness but also at measuring the direct impact on in-store sales.

The challenge was twofold: promoting McCain products and converting interest into actual sales. Close cooperation between several key partners was essential.

The message must reach the right audience

Starting with a thorough pre-campaign analysis, Circana examined sellout data in the frozen appetizers segment. This analysis identified various areas of opportunity, defense, and inefficiency in the market. Using this information, Circana pinpointed potentially high-performing geographic areas for McCain products. Alongside the “geo” approach, various data levers, sociodemographics, interests, content, and keywords were combined, leading to the construction of an advanced segmentation. This helped McCain reach the right audience at the right time, minimizing waste and maximizing the effectiveness of advertising efforts.

Data isn’t enough without the right message

To further strengthen the strategy, Vidoomy played a crucial role in optimizing campaign assets. Innovative and highly engaging advertising formats were created from the available assets. These new formats allowed the campaign to stand out in the saturated arena of digital advertising, capturing the audience’s attention and increasing the overall effectiveness of communication.

Measurement is increasingly important

The real innovation was the ability to measure the campaign’s impact on in-store sales. Thanks to the collaboration with Circana, it was possible to track the consumer’s journey from ad viewing to product purchase at the point of sale. The combination of targeting, context, and creativity generated a significant increase in media KPIs: up 18% on the Viewability benchmark and up 7% on the VTR benchmark. It also led to a tangible increase in in-store sales: up 66% on the industry Sales Uplift benchmark.

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