Important business decisions can’t always wait for extended lead times. Broader access to analytics across organizations provides decision-making power to those who need it. Empower your organization to have the right product, at the right price, and on the right shelf every day.

Circana’s analytic capabilities applied to our granular data assets deliver actionable guidance on real-time business issues, so you can align strategy with opportunity.

Circana’s Role in Conagra’s Pricing Strategy Post-COVID

Explore how Conagra leveraged Circana’s monthly sensitivities and comprehensive analytics to navigate consumer behavior shifts during inflation. Learn about their strategy to understand at-home and away-from-home behaviors, measure price responsiveness, and refine pricing decisions in real time.

Enhancing Display Effectiveness with Circana: Hershey Case Study

Dive into Hershey’s successful display optimization study using Circana’s POS and audit data. Learn how Circana’s detailed analysis helped Hershey understand the true impact of in-store displays on sales, considering factors like discounting and seasonality, to optimize their retail strategy effectively.

Why Circana

Our granular and sophisticated pricing, promotion, assortment, and forecasting insights are delivered right in time for moments when business decisions need to be made.

Delivered via Unify+™ on our Liquid Data® platform, our insights help you understand what happened and what could happen across store, retailer, channel, consumer, and global markets.

Our analytics experts ensure you and your organization get the most from these insights to deliver the best possible outcomes for your business.