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By integrating all our data with hundreds of predictive algorithms and generative AI, Liquid AI transforms data and information into immediately consumable insights. When deployed against critical business questions, Liquid AI reduces complex tasks from hours or days to just minutes, enhancing operational efficiencies and making insights readily accessible.

Mass customization of knowledge.

You benefit from dedicated teams with decades of deep industry knowledge and an embedded culture of innovation that guide our long-term AI strategy.

Your answers are based on more than five years of training and fine-tuning Liquid AI using the industry’s most complete data assets.

Our continuous investment in visualization, knowledge capture, and analysis automation, delivers a seamless user experience within our trusted Liquid Data® platform.

What is happening with my brand?

What has changed in the competitive landscape?

What account/market do I need to pay attention to?

Why are sales up/down in market X?

What’s driving share change for my brand?

Where are my competitors winning and why?

What are emerging trends in my category?

What macro themes affect my business?

How are consumer preferences shifting?

How can I grow sales for my brand?

How should I address the most pressing competitive threats?

What pricing options do I have to grow share?