This next-generation, next-level market measurement offering gives you unprecedented visibility into all the core CPG channels where today’s consumers shop. Grounded overwhelmingly in comprehensive CPG POS data, it includes all leading retailers across the food, drug, mass, club, dollar, and military channels. 

Increase your market knowledge to make better, more confident decisions

With 10 new retailers and additional channels within existing retailers, MULO+ provides the most comprehensive CPG omnichannel coverage across all major e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retailers.

This increased coverage results in unrivaled market measurement accuracy with 90% of CPG dollars sourced from census POS data – the closest thing to complete market truth available today.

While our coverage expansion differs by category, MULO+ delivers more for everyone. And that means more insights unlocking new opportunities for your brand, no matter the industry.

Previously, bringing this level of market understanding together would require the integration of three or more models or data sets. MULO+ consolidates it all into a unified model, giving you first-ever access to the most complete market view with no manual data integration required.