Don’t Guess What’s Ahead – Know

All Future of forecasts incorporate superior technology, advanced analytic modeling techniques, cross-industry data, deep industry advisor expertise, and macroeconomic insight. It adds up to greater precision and better ROI, so you can confidently predict market performance, validate your own forecasts, and understand how consumers will respond to innovation and market conditions.

Accurately, Objectively Evaluate Your Investment Strategies and Operational Plans

Greater Accuracy

Future of forecasts deliver the unmatched accuracy and full transparency needed, with quarterly validation of forecasts versus actuals and more precision than other
syndicated forecasts.

Forecasts Available

Spanning 14 industries and 11 countries across general merchandise and food, Future of offers a full array of forecasts backed by deep industry and
geographic expertise.


Our clients tell us they can attribute growth — up to 5% projected profit improvement — to strategic decisions based on our Future of forecasts and insights

A Clear, Complete View of Your Industry’s Future


Predict performance with industry and segment forecasts for up to the next three years.

Industry-Specific Expertise

Explore emerging trends, consumer expectations, and what it all means for your industry and your business.

Consumer Behavior

Know what’s behind evolving consumer behaviors with industry-specific survey insights.