The pace and complexity of managing retail businesses continue to rapidly increase. Retail success requires more speed and a complete understanding of consumer spending across all of retail. Watching the exchange among food, consumer packaged goods, and general merchandise — or discretionary and non-discretionary spending — is critical.

We bring retailers a holistic picture of categories, cross-category influences, buyer behavior, and more, so they can accelerate decision making and grow new revenue streams. We also offer analytic solutions such as assortment optimization, price and promotion evaluation, loyalty analysis, and more. Imagine seeing all the angles in one place, curated into meaningful insights you can act on.

Deep Industry Expertise

Marshal Cohen

Deep Industry Expertise
Chief Retail Advisor

“The purse strings are tightening and shifting when it comes to retail spending. Inflation is easing, but consumers continue to feel the pinch of still-elevated food and beverage prices. Impacts of higher prices, lower demand, and weather disruption may be starting to extend beyond discretionary spending. Retailers and manufacturers need to find the trigger points that will motivate the consumer to start to spend, despite reprioritization and the various economic challenges they are facing.”

Circana gives you insights across food, consumer packaged goods, and general merchandise industries: