Our expansion of multi-outlet data, MULO+, increases point-of-sale (POS) coverage 15%, providing 90% accuracy of CPG dollar sales sourced from census POS data. Jonna Parker, Team Lead, Circana’s Fresh Foods Group, and Anne-Marie Roerink, president of 210 Analytics, share a glimpse of this new, expanded view of the competitive grocery landscape. Discover why it’s critical for retailers to understand the go-to-market approach taken by all channels to determine their point of differentiation. 


  • Consumers shop up to an average of 12 retailers, including club, value, mass merchandisers, and traditional retail. Chances are, all will have the fresh basics. Don’t assume traditional grocery is the first choice for fresh. 
  • With big box retailers and club stores focused on everyday low prices, high-low pricing in traditional grocery retail doesn’t drive the trips it once did. 
  • Most Americans celebrate 18 food-focused occasions each year. Retailers need to think beyond the big holidays to surprise, delight, and support shoppers. 
  • Data from early 2024 shows that people are eating more meals at home, but they’re not necessarily cooking from scratch. Learn how retailers can best support hybrid meals.