The largest expansion of multi-outlet data since 2011 unites all major retailers; Circana provides the largest census-based point-of-sale coverage of CPG core channels

Expansion of MULO+ provides Circana’s clients with best coverage in the CPG industry; when combined with general merchandise coverage, distinguishes Circana as most complete accurate market measurement provider in the retail industry

CHICAGO – Jan. 17, 2024 Circana, formerly IRI and The NPD Group, today announced a significant expansion to its multi-outlet (MULO) data universe across U.S. CPG channels, including grocery, drug, mass market, military commissaries, club, and dollar stores, as well as e-commerce. The launch of MULO+ will expand Circana’s point-of-sale (POS) coverage by more than 15% and include sales data from all major e-commerce as well as specialty beauty for the first time. This expansion provides unrivaled accuracy with 90% of CPG dollar sales sourced from census POS data, solidifying Circana’s position as offering the most comprehensive and accurate POS measurement in the CPG retail industry and furthering its mission to provide clients with the most complete view of the consumer available anywhere.  

“We strive to empower our clients with an unparalleled understanding of the dynamic retail landscape, and we are committed to continually expanding our coverage and streamlining access to the most accurate POS data,” said Wei Lin Wong, president, Global Retail, Circana. “With the launch of MULO+, Circana proudly remains at the forefront of providing exceptional and complete CPG sales data, empowering our clients to have complete confidence when making big decisions for their business.” 

MULO+ will efficiently track both private and public companies with complete, weekly CPG data updates. While the size of coverage expansion varies slightly by product, MULO+, available in January 2024, unlocks opportunities for clients across all CPG industries. Benefits include:

  • Unparalleled omnichannel insights MULO+ aggregates CPG sales data from top channels across food, drug, mass, club, dollar, and military. MULO+ will include 11 new retailers and will now deliver both in-store and online sales insights.   
  • Unrivaled accuracy and reduced bias – The expanded coverage diminishes the reliance on projections. POS data remains the cornerstone of any marketplace view grounded in truth and accuracy.
  • Unbeatable efficiency – By consolidating all data from accounts and channels into a unified model, clients will now experience superior ease of access with no manual data integration required.

“The launch of MULO+ brings a wealth of advantages that extend into all of Circana’s measurement and analytic solutions,” said Jeremy Allen, president, Global Consumer Packaged Goods, Circana. “With significantly increased coverage, clients will see more comprehensive, item-level sales and share results, and more robust analytics based on POS data that covers almost all of their product sales. MULO+ will bolster all Circana solutions while enabling clients to make more informed decisions to accelerate growth.”

To learn more about MULO+, visit Circana clients should contact their account representative to learn more about upgrading to the expanded set of MULO+ geographies.

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