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We measure and
accelerate demand.

Circana combines unmatched measurement capabilities with deep expertise, so you can look to us as advisors. We guide you to the answers and insights that help you accelerate demand, unlocking new growth for your business.
Here are some of our recent insights:

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June 10, 2024

New Circana Research Highlights Surge in Ultra-Large TV Purchases Despite Stagnant Market Sales

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US Beauty Industry Sales Slow but Continue to Grow in Q1

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June 4, 2024

New Product Pacesetters: Dive into the Top Selling New Products of 2023

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What Makes Circana Different?

We have the most complete view.

We start with the most complete data, add cross-industry insights, and deliver it all through the lens of our deep category expertise. When our clients see the complete consumer, the complete store, and the complete wallet, they gain a full understanding that leads to confident action.

We have unparalleled technology. 

Our Liquid Data® platform makes it easy to work with cross-industry data and advanced analytics. Seeing all the angles helps our clients find new opportunities and spark growth. 

We have deep industry expertise.

Our industry experts are strategic partners who really understand each client’s business. That allows us to push beyond insights into ideas that ignite new thinking and lead to better outcomes.