Regardless of country, gender, race, ethnicity or generation, consumers perceive gender inequality as one of the more urgent global issues of our time. Many believe media and brands have an influential role in advancing women’s stature. Advertising and media have immense power in challenging stereotypes and shaping gender roles. This report represents the third round of research Circana has conducted with the ANA’s SeeHer. It explores the sales lift achieved when creative promotes women authentically and positively.


  • While 94% of consumers around the world believe achieving gender equality holds personal importance to them, and 81% have a hopeful outlook on gender equality, the negative impacts of gender inequality continue to reverberate.
  • Women have an estimated global economic purchasing power of $31.5 trillion, with $10 trillion in the United States alone. 
  • Results from GEM analysis shows creative advertising that accurately represents women can drive incremental sales lifts up to 10X, a notable increase compared to a 5X sales lift seen in the 2019 analysis.
  • The increasingly positive impact of higher-GEM creatives among younger generations highlights the evolving dynamics of higher consumer expectations of gender equality in advertising.