Analytics: ShopperSights

A center-store manufacturer competes with two large manufacturers and a private label in its category. The competitor with the largest sales share was the long-standing category advisor. The center-store manufacturer felt it was not getting a fair share of shelf and distribution.

Circana supported the manufacturer with our ShopperSights solution for advanced targeting and retail activation. The analysis revealed:

  • Niche SKUs with limited distribution could have performed better at certain stores.
  • Placing niche SKUs in the best stores created an opportunity to increase sales.

The manufacturer shared the insights with its buyer, explaining how fixing the mix could improve sales and velocities. The buyer asked the manufacturer to complete this analysis across its portfolio and the entire category. 

Using these insights, the manufacturer received a significant expansion in distribution across the existing SKUs, resulting in a major increase on sales and profits. The analysis also led to the manufacturer becoming the category advisor.

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