Jochen Pinsker has tracked European foodservice and consumer behaviour trends for more than 20 years. He now sets the course for Circana’s foodservice industry tracking in Europe and the Middle East, while also supporting clients and partners as Circana’s foodservice industry advisor.

Pinsker came to Circana as an account manager servicing its first clients in Germany, and his regional and functional responsibility has grown over the years. As director of the company’s Europe Foodservice practice, and now as senior vice president, he has been integral to the rise of the practice from two European countries in 1998 to nine countries today.

Pinsker consults with some of the largest operator and manufacturer clients across Europe, and he is frequently a featured speaker at various global food industry events and corporate conferences. A trusted source for reliable industry information, he has been widely quoted in leading industry publications, such as foodservice europe and Nation’s Restaurant News.

Prior to joining Circana, Pinsker’s career included managing sports organizations in Germany. He transitioned to the foodservice industry in 1996 as head of events and catering at a large, multi-functional arena in Germany.

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