Eating Patterns in America, now produced under the name Circanachronicles changes in consumer behaviors informed by the most diverse and comprehensive range of data assets assembled into a single resource. It provides a 360-degree view of food and beverage consumption behavior, both in-home and away ― the foundation for understanding what has transpired and anticipating what’s ahead. It’s the deepest food and beverage consumption data, plus expert analyst insight on how health and nutrition trends, demographic shifts, economic factors, and more affect the retail food, foodservice, and home industries. 

This year we’re focusing on six essential macro themes that are shaping the culinary landscape including the balance of money in versus money out for discretionary spending, the intriguing dynamics of retail volume decline versus the surge in food service during mornings, the ever-evolving focus on health, emphasizing relaxation, reenergizing, and relief, the noticeable uptick in snacking habits among kids, and the remarkable growth in the beverage industry. From the financial impacts of Social Security payments to the resurgence of morning coffee culture, and the thirst-quenching trends of energy drinks and hard seltzers, Eating Patterns in America offers our clients a comprehensive and continuous view of America’s eating patterns through an annual analysis, monthly and quarterly data tables, client presentation, and industry advisor roundtables

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