Shoppers around the world are changing how and why they interact with consumer electronics and home appliances. This report, based on a recent survey of over 5,000 shoppers from both countries, delivers insights on appliance purchases, demand for home comfort products, smartphone and TV popularity, and much more. It also examines how cost-of-living increases impact consumer spend. 


  • 67% of UK shoppers who purchased consumer electronics or home appliances say they buy these products online most often.
  • Fewer UK consumers own a car compared to US consumers (77% versus 99%), fueling demand for commuter-appropriate audio devices among younger audiences. 
  • There is a narrow gap between UK and US floorcare appliance purchases. Products like vacuum and carpet cleaners skew towards women and shoppers in their early 30s.   
  • 25% of UK consumers are looking to save money by purchasing cheaper products, driving demand for greater bargains.