Circana’s latest insights reveal the evolving food and beverage preferences among households with GLP-1 medication users, marking a significant shift towards healthier and more functional snacking options. Our comprehensive analysis, rooted in omnichannel receipt and loyalty panel data, highlights how these households are maintaining consistent shopping patterns while showing a growing affinity for high-protein, hydration-supporting, energy-boosting, and convenient snack choices. For food and beverage companies, this evolving consumer behavior presents an unparalleled opportunity to innovate with healthier recipes, premium ingredients, and consumer-aligned packaging to meet the changing needs and preferences of this demographic.


  • Consistent Consumption Patterns: GLP-1 households are purchasing food and beverage items at rates similar to the national average, with an emphasis on maintaining regular shopping trips.
  • Preference for Healthier Snacks: There’s a noticeable shift towards snacks that offer protein, hydration, energy boosts, and convenience, reflecting a broader trend towards healthier eating habits.
  • Opportunity for Innovation: Food and beverage brands are encouraged to innovate by aligning their product offerings and marketing strategies with the health-conscious preferences of GLP-1 medication users.
  • Expert Insights: Sally Lyons Wyatt, Executive Vice President and Practice Leader at Circana, underscores the importance of adapting to market disruptions and consumer behavior changes for long-term brand success.