On-demand Webinar

How can you encourage shoppers to purchase frequently in an omnichannel world?

In the final installment of the 2023 OmniGrowth webinar series, Circana, firstmovr, and Profitero examine best practices for using omnichannel analytics to identify opportunities. This session discusses and explains: 

  • How brands can leverage the dynamics of online versus in-store frequency to drive incremental growth
  • The OmniGrowth playbook approach to drive repeat purchases, impulse purchases, and new occasions
  • Best practices to build frequency with the right digital shelf levers and retailer capabilities
  • Wrap up the 2023 series and how to drive incremental omnichannel growth using holistic strategy, activation, and digital shelf causal data insights


Anne Zybowski, Vice President, E-Commerce, Digital Shelf, Circana
Andrew Pearl, Vice President, Industry Insights, Profitero
Oskar Kaszbuski, Chief Growth Officer and Co-founder, firstmovr

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