On-demand Webinar

Although center store dollar sales remain strong, unit sales have softened compared to last year. Consumers have developed unique strategies to feed themselves and their families.

This webinar explores different eating and drinking occasions in CPG departments and reveals what consumers are doing in store, online, and across outlets to meet their needs.

This session answers these key questions:

  • Where are consumers cutting back, and how are they managing these economic times?
  • How do different cohorts navigate eating and drinking occasions?
  • Who is most likely to try innovation, and how can you engage others?
  • How is the blurring of categories impacting the center store?
  • What role are store brands playing, and are there winning strategies to conquer?
  • Has shrinkflation made a difference in purchasing across cohorts?


Sally Lyons Wyatt, Executive Vice President and Practice Leader, Client Insights, Circana
Renee Ryan, Principal, Consumer & Shopper Insights, Circana

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