Ep. 156

Strategies to Maintain New Product Momentum

There are four key principles fueling successful innovation beyond launch: distribution growth, trial, marketing support, and product expansion. None of these should be considered stand-alone strategies. Lisa Maas, principal and lead for Circana’s Innovation practice, shares examples from New Product Pacesetters on how to achieve growth in the years after launch.

Ep. 155

Emotions and Inflation Impact Consumer Choices 

Consumers continue to feel the pinch of inflation. While food remains a priority, consumers face tough choices when making any purchases, but emotions also impact their decisions. Jonna Parker, principal, fresh foods, and Darren Seifer, industry advisor, consumer goods and foodservice insights, discuss the consumer mindset and how competition for the food dollar plays out across food destinations, channels, and stores. 

Ep. 154

Beverage Alcohol Consumption Reveals a Generational Divide

Beverage alcohol consumption has changed dramatically in recent years. The pandemic impacted the way people consumed adult beverages, and younger consumers aged 21 and older are driving consumption of ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage alcohol products. Scott Scanlon, executive vice president of Circana’s Beverage Alcohol practice, provides insight into these changes and the outlook for 2024 and beyond.

Ep. 153

CPG Growth Leaders: Learn From the Best

Our distribution, velocity, and penetration data, along with other metrics, shows us the top CPG Growth Leaders. But by listening to and observing the top companies, we can identify successful integrating strategies. Circana’s Sally Lyons Wyatt, global executive vice president and chief advisor, consumer goods and foodservice insights, and Cara Loeys, principal, corporate CPG thought leadership, describe how the annual CPG Growth Leaders report is developed and share insights for CPG companies large and small.

Ep. 152

How Private Brands Are Gaining Share

In 2023, CPG private labels grew dollar and unit sales thanks to the unique confluence of retailers investing in their own brands and consumers facing high inflation. Mary Ellen Lynch, principal of Circana’s center store solutions practice, discusses private brand shoppers and what they’re looking for. 

Ep. 151

CPG Retail Is Rethinking the Competition 

Our expansion of multi-outlet data, MULO+, increases point-of-sale (POS) coverage 15%, providing 90% accuracy of CPG dollar sales sourced from census POS data. Jonna Parker, Team Lead, Circana’s Fresh Foods Group, and Anne-Marie Roerink, president of 210 Analytics, share a glimpse of this new, expanded view of the competitive grocery landscape. Discover why it’s critical for retailers to understand the go-to-market approach taken by all channels to determine their point of differentiation. 

Ep. 150

The Diversity Advantage 

For businesses, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has positive benefits for workers, for business results, and for the people and communities they engage with. Cecilia Ogude, Circana’s senior vice president of global diversity, equity, and inclusion, breaks down the benefits and discusses what’s missing without DEI.

Ep. 149

Leaning into Generational Differences at CPG Retail

Some 93% of Gen Z and younger millennials are changing their behavior based on higher prices, a much higher percentage than previous generations. Stepping back for a wider view, Jonna Parker, team lead, Circana’s Fresh Foods Group, believes these younger consumers have been impacted by more trauma, from terrorism and a recession to pandemic and current inflation. Given the world they’ve grown up in, they aren’t going to become like their older counterparts. Parker and Anne-Marie Roerink, president of 210 Analytics, dive into generational differences and how retailers and brands can connect.

Ep. 148

Retailers Recognize the Value of SNAP Shoppers

Nearly 13% of Americans, or 17% of U.S. households, receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance benefits, yet they represent nearly a third of total store sales. Sally Lyons Wyatt, Circana’s global executive vice president for consumer goods and foodservice insights, talks about who is winning the SNAP shopper and strategies all retailers should use to engage this valuable shopper group.

Ep. 147

How To Win the Trip in Grocery Retail

Moving from full-service to self-service in meat and deli departments, increasing value-added offerings in produce and deli, these are just a few examples of grocery retail’s evolution. Jonna Parker, team lead, Circana’s Fresh Foods Group, and Anne-Marie Roerink, president of 210 Analytics, advocate for learning about the most important shopper groups and meeting their changing needs.

Ep. 146

Improvements Outnumber New Consumer Tech Products at CES 2024

Most of the innovations at the Consumer Electronics Show 2024 were enhancements to existing technology; think better audio quality and new capabilities. Despite lackluster levels of product innovation, Circana tech analyst Ben Arnold and audio analyst Ashley McCann are optimistic about growth opportunities for kitchen, home, and audio in the year ahead.  

Ep. 145

Opting for Linear or Connected TV? The Best Choice Might Be Both

Linear TV and connected TV (CTV) are viewed separately in the complex marketing mix. Currently, CTV is having its moment, surpassing linear TV in return on ad spend. Circana’s Susan Kelly, solutions design, global solutions delivery, and Kelly Dunham, delivery director, discuss the execution and measurement of success for both approaches and the increasing value giving CTV its shine.