The unique value proposition of frozen foods is not getting the attention it deserves. Based on her webinar, Icy Hot Insights: Frozen Trends, Sally Lyons Wyatt, executive vice president and Practice Leader, Circana, outlines the many definitions of value that frozen addresses.


  • Heavy frozen entrée buyers account for 36% more restaurant trips than the average customer. Frozen can compete on restaurant quality, cuisine type, and flavor experience, quickly and in the comfort of your own home.
  • Manufacturers and retailers have opportunities to promote low cost per serving and ways frozen foods can stretch the food dollar.
  • There are so many ways frozen foods aren’t being promoted, including as waste minimizers, as recipe ingredients for trending kitchen appliances, or as options that fit special diets.
  • Ice cream, sherbet and frozen novelties represent an anchor that attracts a wide cross-section of consumers. Leverage the power of frozen treats to promote other frozen items.