Linear TV and connected TV (CTV) are viewed separately in the complex marketing mix. Currently, CTV is having its moment, surpassing linear TV in return on ad spend. Circana’s Susan Kelly, solutions design, global solutions delivery, and Kelly Dunham, delivery director, discuss the execution and measurement of success for both approaches and the increasing value giving CTV its shine.


  • Linear TV offers a lower cost per impression and provides a broader reach than CTV.
  • Despite the higher cost per impression, advertisers see a better return on ad spend with the targeted audiences CTV reaches.
  • The sweet spot might be a combination of linear TV’s reach and CTV’s targeted audiences.
  • Measurement tools determine the levers (linear TV, CTV, or other marketing strategies) that drive sales lifts.
  • Campaigns should be monitored mid-flight to ensure they’re connecting with the right audience, at the right time, and with the right message.