What can CPG retailers and manufacturers expect this Thanksgiving? Anne-Marie Roerink, president of 210 Analytics talks turkey — and economic pressures — with Circana’s Joan Driggs. Times are tough, and while it’s critical to be realistic about a challenging economy, it’s also an opportunity to connect with shoppers. 


  • When facing economic challenges, consumers shift their routines to avoid buyer’s remorse, even with food items. 
  • Retailer and manufacturers have an opportunity to lean into the small celebrations that consumers embrace throughout the year, from family milestones to sporting events. 
  • Thanksgiving in 2023 might be the battle of retailers, many of which will be rolling back prices. Ultimately, Thanksgiving is the biggest food holiday of the year. 
  • Many households will reduce portions for some of their Thanksgiving meals to permit more options. Think preparing a turkey breast instead of a full bird to accommodate another roasted meat.