CHICAGO – Dec. 7, 2023 Circana™, a leading advisor on the complexity of consumer behavior, announced that its Liquid Data® technology platform can be seamlessly deployed in Microsoft Azure through private or hybrid cloud offerings, regardless of whether a client licenses Circana’s data. The Liquid Data platform can be deployed on its own or together with Circana’s data to meet unique big data needs, including mass customization, unparalleled speed, and decisions enhanced by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“Circana is committed to building and delivering innovative technology solutions. As our clients’ sophisticated technology needs grow, we will continue to evolve our infrastructure and increase our data science flexibility,” said Patrick Sinclair, executive vice president, Professional Services, Circana. “By supporting both private and hybrid cloud installments through Microsoft Azure, it ensures clients a more seamless and efficient deployment both now and in the future as their technology needs mature.”

Circana’s Liquid Data deployment through Azure offers a multitude of benefits to its clients, irrespective of the industry they serve. One critical advantage is the flexibility and control it provides over software installation. This is essential for clients who need to safeguard their first-party data and adapt to fluctuating computing requirements. Furthermore, this deployment model enables seamless integration of client data with other datasets, leveraging algorithms from Circana and ultimately delivering the most informed decisions for optimal outcomes. By retooling data-sharing restrictions that often limit insights and analyses within a single server environment, private and hybrid cloud deployments unlock the full potential of available data while ensuring its security.

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