SalesTrack offers weekly performance insights across eight global markets 

TORONTO — March 12, 2024 Circana™, the leading advisor on the complexity of consumer behavior, ​​today announced the launch of SalesTrack™, a dynamic tool designed to track brand performance relative to competition on a weekly basis within the Canadian foodservice industry. SalesTrack offers participating restaurants invaluable insights into the impact of marketing and operational initiatives, empowering them to benchmark their performance against their competitors and make informed decisions that drive growth. 

With coverage spanning eight key global markets, SalesTrack currently collaborates with chains in North America, Europe, and the Middle East, offering a broad perspective on industry trends and benchmarks. SalesTrack provides weekly reporting of critical sales metrics, delivered just five days after the close of each week, enabling restaurants to make informed decisions quickly, driving efficiency and profitability in their businesses. 

“SalesTrack is more than just data; it’s a strategic advantage for restaurants,” said Vince Sgabellone, industry analyst, Foodservice, Circana. “With this innovative solution, restaurants gain timely access to valuable insights into their performance, allowing them to identify trends, optimize operations, and stay competitive in this rapidly evolving industry.”

Key benefits of SalesTrack include:

  • Sales Decomposition: Gain insights into the factors driving sales changes, whether it’s ticket count or ticket value.
  • Store Efficiency: Compare per-store sales and ticket counts against market averages to optimize operational efficiency.
  • Absolute Ticket Value: Benchmark ticket values against competitors to inform pricing strategies.
  • Store Count Impact: Analyze same-store and total system performance to identify organic growth opportunities.
  • Customizable Weeks: Drill down into specific weeks to assess the impact of initiatives and events.

SalesTrack represents a significant expansion of Circana’s capabilities in Canada, complementing the existing consumer foodservice tracking product, CREST®. By partnering with Circana, restaurants not only gain access to invaluable data but also contribute to the refinement of Circana’s consumer insights, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

For more information about SalesTrack and how to partner with Circana, please contact Laurel Brown.

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