There is at least one smart home product in 59% of U.S. households. Security cameras have the highest penetration of all categories, with cost-effective streamlined products driving unit sales growth. What other smart home products and services are on the rise? This Connected Intelligence report uncovers the consumers most likely to own these products and identifies the reasons behind the purchase. 


  • Smart home product ownership remains strongest among consumers aged 12 to 24 and 25 to 34, with two-thirds of those cohorts owning a device. 
  • 26% of households own security cameras, and nearly 4 in 10 security camera owners also own a smart doorbell. 
  • One-third of consumers agree that smart home products are difficult to set up and/or install. 53% say they have concerns about interoperability between products.
  • Smart thermostats are more likely to be purchased for energy conservation reasons than smart lighting or smart power products. 
  • The number of security device owners subscribed to monthly services has remained steady over the last five waves of research, going back to February 2022. 

Other insights included:

  • Current awareness and ownership by demographics, as well as cross-ownership
  • Professional home monitoring, installation, and premium services
  • Purchase reasons by type of product and where consumers buy
  • Future interest and shopping intent among owners and nonowners
  • Voice and the role of smart speakers and displays
  • Demographic profiles by devices owned