After years of reactive health care purchases, consumers are proactively managing their wellness. But they continue to fight inflation, up 31% in the consumer health department, and their wages have not kept up. This report uncovers opportunities in the nearly $1 trillion U.S. consumer health care market.


  • The dollar and convenience channels remain the smallest multioutlet contributors to health care sales, but they lead in percentage growth year over year.
  • Growth in 2023 was fueled by large and emerging brands across traditional OTC, nutrition, and personal care.
  • Innovation has been focused on personal care, wellness, and elevating the consumer experience.
  • Disruptive innovation accounted for around $1.7 billion in sales in 2023. These included categories like acne patches and full body deodorant.
  • An understanding of consumer health care priorities, how they access information, and current purchase behavior can help inform innovation.