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It’s been a tumultuous year, and SNAP consumers have felt the squeeze on their wallets more than most.

In this new webinar, Circana’s experts share how SNAP participants shop, what they buy, and themes resonating with these consumers. You can explore their in-store and online preferred channels and how their trips have evolved. Find out which categories SNAP participants lean toward for private brands versus national brands.

This one-hour session explores:

  • Who SNAP consumers are today, how and where they shop, and what they buy
  • How private label and national brands perform with SNAP shoppers
  • What brands and retailers can do to attract and retain shoppers who use SNAP

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Sally Lyons Wyatt, Global EVP & Chief Advisor, Consumer Goods & Foodservice Insights, Circana

Darren Seifer, Executive Director, Industry Analyst, Food & Beverage, Circana

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