As we enter the eighth year of our “Top Trends in Fresh” series, we see how the past five years have brought us to a pivotal moment in fresh foods. We dive deep into the evolution of shopping patterns and sales trends before and during the pandemic. We also explore the ways consumers have solved food needs during the past two years of inflation.

Experts from Circana and FMI will reveal growth opportunities by understanding today’s top trends, instead of waiting for behavior to return to pre-pandemic times.

This one-hour session explores:

  • Changing shopping patterns at U.S. retail for food and beverages, especially in the fresh perimeter versus 2019
  • Evolving trends in fresh and how they affect the future
  • Specific fresh foods gaining and decreasing in sales and shopper engagement
  • Chains and channels stealing shoppers from traditional grocery and ways to win in this ultracompetitive environment
  • What U.S. consumers eat for each meal and how fresh food retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers can anchor strategies that solve food needs and priorities
  • Ideas rooted in fact and rounded in a complete view of fresh foods to drive change and action

Jonna Parker, Principal II/Team Lead, Fresh Foods Group, Circana
Kelly Krumholz, Perimeter Client Insights Consultant, Circana
Rick Stein, Vice President, Fresh Foods, FMI

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