This predictive capability enables advertisers in these industries to improve the performance of their media campaigns up to four times more than using non-purchase-based audiences

CHICAGO, March 20, 2023Circana, formerly IRI and The NPD Group, today announced the availability of Circana Audiences for two general merchandise industries: toys and prestige beauty. The new offering marks the first joint media solution released following the recent merger of IRI and NPD that brought together deep sector knowledge, leading data assets and strategic retail relationships for more than 26 industries. Through Circana Audiences, marketers can access the most accurate purchase-based and predictive audiences to improve campaign effectiveness while delivering broad reach.

Circana Audiences are modeled audience segments that are created using propensity-to-purchase scores. Leveraging a unique mix of receipt data and predictive attributes, this advertising solution covers virtually every consumer in the United States and helps advertisers accurately identify those likely to buy specific categories and brands. Circana Audiences are proven to deliver up to four times the return on investment (ROI) versus more traditional audiences.

“In a world where consumers are continuously bombarded by irrelevant advertising, we are thrilled to launch Circana Audiences for two new general merchandise categories with more to come,” said Nishat Mehta, president of global products and solutions for Circana. “With audiences representing the purchase behaviors of all 126 million U.S households, Circana Audiences offer activation at scale across households based on their propensity to purchase. Advertisers in these categories can improve how they engage with their target prospects by leveraging actual in-store and e-commerce shopping behavior, which helps to cut through the clutter and deliver a better experience for the consumer.”

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