Which brands are growing in this highly inflationary environment? What are the growth strategies that these brands are deploying successfully? And how can you adopt these approaches to accelerate your brand’s growth in today’s environment?

Learn the answers to these questions and more in a report from IRI’s KK Davey and Ray Florio based on their webinar on the topic. They examine several detailed case studies from some of today’s top-performing brands, discuss the key learnings they illustrate, and share the top strategies that comprise a go-to playbook for accelerating CPG brand growth through 2023 and beyond.


  • At-home food and beverage consumption remains resilient and is likely to increase in 2023 because of inflation and despite falling volumes.
  • Small and private label brands have been gaining share over larger competitors.
  • Consumers are willing to pay for new flavor, ethnic and indulgent experiences.
  • Brands are also winning by leveraging their supply chain advantages, maintaining ingredient integrity and transparency, leveraging better-for-you claims, and focusing on strengthening brand equity.