Launching winning innovations requires the most accurate category narrative, deep insight on the competitive landscape, a process to continuously identify growth opportunities, and fast tools – all factors that support a test-and-learn mindset.

Unlock Your Brand’s Potential

Leading brands choose Circana as their innovation partner because they want the most granular datasets and industry-leading modeling techniques to achieve their innovation objectives. While 80% of innovation fails, clients use our insights to confidently identify and launch winning innovation bundles. 

Why choose Circana’s Innovation Solutions?

Accurate and validated approach

  • Validated forecast accuracy of +/- 10% compared to an industry average of 20% to 30%

Integrated results and insights

  • Solutions integrated with Circana’s industry leading datasets, available on demand in Unify+™
  • The industry’s only verified purchase behavior concept testing approach

Flexible inputs and user-friendly platform

The only provider to reflect client brand and category definitions

Why Circana Innovation?

Managing a winning innovation process is about predicting where the market will be and what your consumers will want, and then developing products to meet those future needs. In the midst of so many unknowns, innovation marketers need tools to predict, identify, and optimize with confidence. Our suite of innovation solutions helps marketers make confident decisions at every phase of the innovation process. 

Consumer Decision Tree

Develop an informed category narrative, product shelving, and sell-in opportunities based on shopper behavior insights 

Hendry Market Structure 

Increase your innovation’s success rate by accurately understanding the competitive landscape and key attributes 

Growth Predictor

Develop a continuous pipeline of innovation and brand optimization opportunities to drive incremental growth

Concept Testing

Identify winning products, packaging, and positioning elements throughout the innovation process

Store Testing

Make smarter investment decisions based on a rigorous, automated solution that offers speed to insight