Q1 2023

The U.S. Drug Channel Landscape Report for Q1 2023 follows up on trends identified in our 2022 drug channel analyses. Find out how these trends compare to the broader multioutlet and convenience channel landscape. What are your most promising opportunities in the changing drug channel?

  • In Q1 2023, drug channel sales continue to lag the multioutlet market as the channel laps last year’s significant growth during COVID-19 vaccination-led traffic.
  • In U.S. inflation has softened, though consumers report financial anxiety — they’re consolidating trips to value channels and spending cautiously, which is negatively impacting traffic in the drug channel.
  • Reduced need for home health care kits (COVID-19 test kits) led to the overall decline of the health department in Q1 2023, even though upper respiratory (e.g., cough/cold/flu-related items) grew 10.5%.